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Virtual Site

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect how we move and communicate, our idea of the word “site” has shifted as well. In KASC 13, we launched our first-ever fully virtual conference as a way to not only adapt to, but capitalize on the restrictions placed upon us. With the successful implementation of the virtual model, we are carrying this forward into KASC 14 to present a “hybrid” conference utilizing technology and innovative programming.

Living in the 21st century, we are used to communicating over the internet. We frequently call, text, or email—we now also utilize video calls as a common tool of communication. Introducing this “site” as the place for our virtual portion, we are looking forward to applying our KASC 13 experiences into this new delegation.

We have learned that a long-distance conference opens more doors than it closes. With no limits on geography, we are able to learn from a wide variety of speakers, panelists, and lecturers around the world. It provides an opportunity for innovative takes on cultural exchange and dialogue. And the immediacy of communication means that we are all just a quick video call away.