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Seoul, South Korea

The capital city of Seoul has been pivotal to the dramatic evolution and progression of South Korea. Despite witnessing the tragedy and turmoil of modern Korean history, Seoul has successfully grown into one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world and become a symbol of the Miracle of Han River. As a city where history seamlessly weaves into the present, Seoul offers visitors the unique opportunity to explore the rich traditions of the Korean people as well as learn about the modern culture of a country that has remarkably risen onto the world stage. From historical palaces, to memorial museums, to up-and-coming college towns, Seoul has a wide variety of experiences to offer to our delegates.

Seoul is not just the capital city but also the heart of Korea and, in other words, the heart of dynamic Korea. At the same time, places such as Gyeongbokgung Palace are symbols of Korea’s emphasis on its history. This unique metropolitan center showcases Korea's historical beauty and architectural tradition as well as the harmony of modernity so emblematic of modern-day Korea to our delegates. Delegates will be able to feel the time-honored traditions of Korea, and Seoul will provide many memorable experiences as the last Korean site of this conference.