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San Francisco, California

Home to famous cultural landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the cable car, and Lombard Street, the northern Californian port city of San Francisco has long been an economic, political, and cultural powerhouse within both California and the US. Every year, tourists flock to the city to experience its vibrant culture - from taking part in the yearly Pride parade, to catching a Giants baseball game, to attending one of its many art and music festivals throughout the year.

Due to its central coastal location, San Francisco has also played a critical role in the history of US immigration. Angel Island—a former US immigration station through which a large number of Asian immigrants migrated—lies only six miles outside the city. Today, San Francisco is home to an incredibly diverse population and continues to define current US-Pacific relations. Together with surrounding cities Berkeley and Oakland, San Francisco also boasts a long history of grassroots political activism, claiming fame to movements such as the Beat Generation, the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, the 1967 ‘Summer of Love,’ and the Asian-American movement. The term Asian American was coined by UC Berkeley students in 1968. In 1975, Seoul and San Francisco became sister cities. This special diplomatic relationship is instrumental in shaping the commercial and cultural ties—and friendship— between the two cities today.