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Seoin Park

14th KASC Korean Vice Chair
Soongsil University

I was born in Suwon and grew up in Seoul. I lived in Malaysia for 4 years in elementary school, and came back to Korea in the 5th year. Since I studied abroad, I excelled in English language when I came back to Korea, and that actually drove me to study English deeper in university. Aside from my major, I enjoy listening to music(especially old rock and old pops!). drawing and working on things(including playing musical instruments) with my hand.

I was searching for something productive to work on as I decided to take a semester off in my third year. That was when one of my school seniors suggested that I join KASC. What attracted me, and what I found I had liked the most during my time in KASC 13, was that KASC provides an opportunity to have both academic and friendly communication with fellow students living in the other parts of the world