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The second site we will visit in 7th KASC will be Seoul, which is the Republic of Korea's capital and largest city. Here, delegates will explore broad themes touching on the topics of Politics, Business, Human Rights, as well as Education and Media.

Seoul, which is located in the center of the Korean peninsula, has a long history of over 600 years since 1392 when Hanyang (the old name for Seoul) became the capital of the Joseon Dynasty, the last kingdom. Royal palaces such as Gyungbok palace, Changdeok palace, amongst others that were built, still remain in the city so that people can easily visit them and reflect on the history.

7th KASC will receive remarkable lectures from professors and experts while we visit various agencies such as the U.S. Embassy, UNHCR, 3M, and Google Korea. In addition, we will explore ancient palaces and also collaborate with other organizations in Korea for thoughtful and challenging discussions pertinent to U.S.-Korea bilateral relations. Delegates can look forward to a dynamic city!

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