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The final site of KASC 7 will be the unique and beautiful Jeju Island. Jeju is the Republic of Korea's largest island and will offer a contrast in both climate and culture from the mainland. The island is famous for its natural beauty, temperate climate, and the haenyeo (“sea women”), female divers who scour the ocean floor for shells and creatures to be sold into Korea's vibrant seafood industry.

Aside from its natural wonders, Jeju Island has recently attracted both foreign and domestic businesses. With the influx of tourists to the island and suitable environment for promising corporations, IT companies such as Daum and NEXON have relocated their headquarters to the island. Furthermore, the creation of Jeju Global Education City (JGEC) makes Jeju one of Korea’s rising educational hubs. While on the island, the delegation will not only visit the business and educational sites of Jeju, but will also explore the island’s rich history and culture which differs from that of the mainland.


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