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While International Student Conferences (ISC) subsidizes a majority of JASC expenses, delegates are responsible for a participation fee.The participation fee covers all expenses from the beginning of the conference to the end of the conference, including flights, housing and board, ground transportation, as well as Conference-related events (forums, receptions, field trips, etc.). Delegates are responsible for their transportation to the American Orientation site, and back home after the conference.

Each year, part of the American Delegation will receive partial or full scholarship from their schools or financial assistance from other sources. Fundraising can seem complicated and intimidating, but past JASCers have been very creative and successful in raising funds. Below are some funding resources.

At your University

Many delegates have been successful in obtaining funding for university departments and organizations.

For a list of additional scholarships that may be able to aid in covering your participation fee, click here.

Feel free to contact the ISC office for further advice and details on fundraising options. You can reach the program manager at 202 289 9088.