China-America Student Conference

The China-America Student Conference (ChASC) is a two-three-week-long academic and cultural exchange program that brings together an equal number of students representing the United States of America and China for off-the-record discussions of the future of the bilateral relationship.

The program is student-run and student-led, allowing for full and frank conversations to occur between emerging young leaders from both countries. Over the course of this intensive and immersive exercise in people-to-people diplomacy, participants will form powerful friendships that will go on to serve as bridges across the Pacific for generations to come.

Inspired by and continuing the 85-year long legacy of the Japan-America Student Conference's 1934 founders, ChASC seeks to promote friendship, trust, and mutual understanding through international student interchange. By empowering and inspiring the next generation of US-Asia leaders to value cooperation and dialogue, ChASC aims to instill in participants a lifelong dedication to the pursuit of peace, openness, and regional stability.

Applications are now open for virtual-only Delegates! From June 22nd to July 22nd, we welcome online participants to apply from around the world. Questions about scholarships or the application process? Send us a message or email at

线上会议申请通道正在开放!我们欢迎来自世界各地的参与者,于6月22日到7月22日之间,报名加入我们。有关于奖学金及申请流程的问题?欢迎通过私信或邮件( )与我们取得联系。